The Midwest Climbing Academy opened its doors in 2013 and for the past 4 years we’ve devoted ourselves to the education, empowerment, and growth of youth climbers around the Twin Cities. We’re proud of our roots, and even prouder of the hundreds of youth climbers whose journeys we’ve been lucky enough to partake in.

Here at the Academy, however, we’ve always known we could do more.

The Twin Cities is unlikely to make anybody’s list as a world class climbing destination, but look closer and you’ll discover one of the most dedicated, hardworking, and passionate climbing communities anywhere.

Perhaps it’s the brutal winters, maybe it’s the muggy and buggy summers, but there’s something unique about the Minnesota climber that defies all odds. Most of us fell in love with climbing inside a gym, alongside a friend, pushing ourselves and each other in ways that uncovered what it truly meant to dig deep and try hard.

There’s something addictive about struggling for days, weeks, months, or even years on a project. The rock serves as our mirror, an impartial judge by which we can gauge our progression, our dedication, our passion to the sport.

Minnesota climbers understand success is a road wrought with obstacles. But we are a crazy bunch, and we attack these challenges with ferocity and zeal.

Here at the Midwest Climbing Academy we have an opportunity, and like you, we are not afraid to rise to the occasion. We’ve spent the last 4 years learning what it means to exceed expectation, to provide excellent customer service, and to grow a community of dedicated climbers.

Now, we’re ready for our next project.

Beginning October 1st we will at last open our doors to the Twin Cities climbing community. The Academy will soon be a home for all those who see climbing not simply as what they do, but who they are.

For those who want to grow in their capacity to reach ever greater heights…

For those looking to find an engaged, knowledgeable, and supportive community…

For those who cannot imagine their lives without chalk stained hands and sore fingers…

Welcome to the Midwest Climbing Academy. Home of the Minnesota climber.