The Midwest Climbing Academy is fully dedicated to inspiring youth to get outside. We believe that time in the outdoors is vital to the overall well-being of a person. We also believe that kids should know the land, that they should feel it, be tested by it – they should smell the land on their clothes after a full try-hard weekend on boulders up in northern MN. With this, we believe kids should learn to be stewards of that land. As with anything you love, you take care of it.

Facility Design

For starters, our facility space was specifically chosen because it included an outdoor area that we were able to help design. Our cement slab in the courtyard was built for a few reasons, namely so that a couple times of year we can roll our boulder, Sandcrawler, out onto it and climb in the fresh air! This is provides us a teaching moment, in which we can instruct youth on how to properly place a crash pad (what you boulder with on outdoor rock climbing trips!) and how to effectively spot your partner.

When not outside, the Sandcrawler is placed in front of a large, all-glass, south-facing overhead door. We wanted to let the light in. The courtyard (fully contained and secure within our space) will also be:  a grill-out area, camping area, water-fight area and much much more.

Leadership Team