• Fully-enclosed outdoor courtyard, supporting fresh air and Vitamin D.

• Two all-glass overhead doors, open often, supporting the mingling of Outside and Inside.

• 800 square feet of Team-only lounge space; providing space for youth to take ownership of their space. No adults allowed.

• Additional lounge space designed specifically for both youth and parents; a place to foster the development of an integrated climbing community.

• Quiet corners to allow youth to peruse their studies before and after training; strengthen the mind and body.

• Wi-Fi:  Strong, reliable and rarely-changed, simple passwords – we promise.

Climbing Walls

• World Class climbing walls designed by Walltopia, supporting thoughtful, high-level route setting.

• Mobile freestanding boulder (the Sandcrawler); periodically moved to the courtyard for outdoor climbing sessions to support fresh air and outdoor-safety learning opportunities.

• 10 meter Speed Wall supporting fast climbers. Watch really fast climbers, here. Those are some really fast climbers!

• Over 2000 square feet of top out bouldering.

Development & Training

Development Wing, supporting all-around healthy youth.

Learning Room, supporting effective and safe learning.

• Dedicated Training Room for mutant beast work. Two fully adjustable systems walls, peg board, campus board, 30 foot campus beam, six sets of gymnastic rings – supporting other worldly strength and fitness.