Adam Arnett



At the Academy, I coach the Northstars and Ascenders. In addition to coaching, I help clean the gym. I have been climbing for many years, I’m not sure how many, but more than five. I think it’s really fun to coach because I love helping people and seeing them succeed. I started at the Academy as an an athlete on the Scholars team and in November 2016, I began coaching.

I’m currently a high school student attending Champlin Park High School. I’m in many advanced courses and my favorite is probably AP calculus (even though it’s really hard for me.). Outside of school and work, I love to listen to music and play the electric guitar. My favorite music genres are rock and metal.

Adam’s go-to climbing destination
Sawmill is my favorite place to climb.

Adam’s Academy goals
My goal at the Academy is to help give athletes the confidence and ability to climb what they want to climb.

Adam’s secret talent
Keeping the interior of my car super super clean.