Ali Bradway


I am a part of the Leadership Team at the Academy. My role specifically is the Director of the Academy. I spend my time doing a lot of behind the scenes admin work, managing the coaching staff and many other things. I also coach Ninja Cats, North Stars, Homeschool team, Ascenders and Adaptive Climbing Team.

In 2013, I started climbing in the tiny bouldering cave in Midwest Mountaineering and was hooked. From there, I joined the Minnesota Climbing Co-op and have been dedicated to trying hard and developing my skills as a climber. Working at the Academy (starting in 2015), my exploration of climbing and coaching has flourished. I love how climbing can not only be a sport, but a lifestyle. You can learn so much about movement, success, failure, perseverance and so much more! I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the  Academy family!

The Academy is my main gig and when I’m not here (or climbing), I enjoy feeding my extroverted personality by spending time with family and friends. I love being around people, whether at a friends house or at a coffee shop surrounded by strangers. I also love sleeping, so you’ll occasionally find me snoozing in my hammock.

Ali’s go-to climbing destination

Locally, I like to go to Sandstone, MN to boulder my brains out. Outside of Minnesota, I enjoy making my way out to Spearfish, SD.

Ali’s Academy goals

I want to use rock climbing to develop well rounded humans. Climbing can teach us so much about ourselves and challenge us in ways other sports or cannot. My other goal is to create a supportive environment for staff as well as athletes in the Academy.

Ali’s secret talent

I like (and think I’m good at) speaking in different accents.