Randy Baum

Staff Headshot


I coach the Ascenders. I have been climbing since the early 2000s. I have climbed in Europe, Asia, Africa, and all across North America. My favorite style of climbing is big wall free climbing in places like Yosemite National Park. I have been coaching since 2010. I am a teacher by day, and my first coaching experiences were as an assistant-coach to my school’s soccer team. I have now been mentoring and coaching climbers since 2013. I find climbing to be the most rewarding, connecting, fun pursuit. Through climbing, I have traveled the world. Through climbing, I have met my closest friends. Through climbing, I find constant enjoyment and challenge. I love coaching because it enables me to introduce this great sport to the next generation. Climbing is the best!

Randy’s go-to climbing destination
My go-to destination to climb is wherever the next trip may be. But I hate it when people give such sappy answers, so if I had to pick a spot, it would be Yosemite.
Randy’s Academy goals
My Academy goals are to help develop our young athletes into climbers who are not only technically and physically sound but also are good environmental stewards who have a lifelong commitment to the sport and community.
Randy’s secret talent
My secret talent is my black-belt level parallel parking skills. All one smooth motion. No 2 point — let alone 3 point — maneuvers or anything. One shot, one k