Richard Cargill


I am a part of the Leadership Team at the Academy. I have been with the Academy from the beginning, and currently my specific role is to provide the financial and business structural work. I got a late start in climbing when I was hooked at the age of 23 in 2005, over the next eleven years I began coaching and managing the front desk at Vertical Endeavors, taking the Vertical Endeavors climbing team to several youth nationals, and multiple outdoor locations. Also during the last eleven years I meet my future wife while climbing, and traveled the world to climb, most notably to Spain, Greece, and Virgin Gorda. Initially I focused on sport climbing, but a wrist injury lead me to explore the world of trad climbing, after the birth of my first child I have switch to bouldering as my main form of climbing, for the most part leaving my ropes and gear in the closet.

My wife and I currently have two kids. I don’t have any hobbies, however I am involved in various other businesses.

Richard’s go-to destination to climb
The Academy

Richard’s Academy goals
Send everything

Richard’s secret talent
I know how to sail.