Climbing Team

The ultimate goal with each of our teams:  To build strong youth.

Whether we are fostering championship potential or perfecting the most exquisite figure eight knot with a new climber, our team programming is designed to develop a healthy relationship with climbing and with oneself through three main aspects:  mental, physical and technical.

The best way we have found to explore that relationship: Try Hard.

We believe Try Hard is infectious. When you put together a group of talented and driven youth and inspire them to try and work hard, magical things happen. Goals are achieved. Failures are redefined. Barriers are broken. Futures are born.

At the Midwest Climbing Academy, we are a TEAM. We work hard together and have fun along the way. We hold each other accountable and together we will rise to the occasion.

While we expect this try hard from everyone, the Academy is also a place to be a kid. We have fun on team. We laugh, a lot. We exist in a dynamic social environment that serves also as our home. Your student will experience meaningful and lasting friendships, along with dedicated mentorship.

Competition is a big part of the Academy. We do not shy away from it and will work hard to “compete” in healthy and productive ways.