At Midwest Climbing Academy, our climbers are one team with a mission to learn and grow as individuals. You will practice with other climbers in your age range. Each group will use age appropriate programming to achieve their goals. Check out the tabs below for more information.

Ninja Cats: Ages 5-7

Ninja Cats:

  • Ages 5-7
  • 1.5 hour practices
  • 1 or 2 days per week, M, W.
  • Learn about safety and teamwork in a vertical world
  • Learn the skills to successfully move into Group A at age 8

Here is an example practice schedule that Ninja Cat will follow:

Section Time Section Description
1 30 min Warm up routine, Foot work traverse, and speed climb
2 15 min Climbing game/Team challenge
3 10 min Free Climbing and Break Time (Learning Room only)
4 30 min Boulders in Main Space (as a group or in partners)

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Group A: Ages 8-12

Group A:

  • Ages 8-12
  • 2-hour practices
  • 1 or 2 days per week. M, T, W, Th, Sa.
  • Group-focused practice schedule
  • Practice as a group to explore fundamental skills ideas in climbing:
    • Safety basics
    • Technique groundwork
    • Exposure to many discipline focuses.
    • Learn the skills to successfully move into Group B at age 13 (or at coaches discretion)

Here is an example practice schedule that Group A will follow:

Section Time Section Description
1 30 mins Warm up
2 30 mins Project Time
3 5 mins Break
4 45 mins Coach assigned activity
5 10 mins Props and Stretching

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Group B: Ages 13-19

Group B:

  • Ages 13+. Athletes under 13 at coaching staffs’ discretion.
  • 3-hour practices
  • 2-5 days per week, M, T, W, Th, Sa.
  • Work together, towards individual goals
  • Athletes adhere to pre-curated “Athlete Practice Plan” (APP)
    • APP includes:
      • Goals originating from each athlete’s personal climbing motivation
      • A weekly schedule to reach those goals
  • In practice, a coach’s job is to:
    • Hold athletes accountable to their goals
    • Focus on teaching climbing skills
    • Facilitate the process of combining daily efforts and future goals
  • All Athletes are assigned a Primary Coach. It is a Primary Coach’s job to:
    • Work with each of their assigned athletes to develop their APPs.
    • Continually revise APPs as athletes grow or their focus changes.
    • Be a go-to mentor for their assigned athletes.

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Group C is a high-level group designed to bring together the most competitive athletes in the Twin Cities and put them in an environment, under the tutelage of professional climber, Noah Ridge, to push and motivate one another to achieve goals that any singular athlete could otherwise not accomplish on their own.

  • Ages 12-19

  • 3-hour practices

  • 3 days per week (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday)

  • Seasons

    • Sport: February – July

    • Boulder: September – January

  • 2 1-hour long Private Lessons/Season

  • Team Limit: 6 Athletes

  • Cost $450/month

  • 1 mock comp prior to Regionals

  • Head Coach: Noah Ridge

  • Athlete’s adhere to pre-curated “Athlete Practice Plan (APP) in addition to a Season Long Training Schedule designed by the Head Coach

  • Regular attendance is expected of all Group C athletes

    • Absenteeism is grounds for dismissal

  • Tryouts at the beginning of each season

    • Team selection is based on a combination of factors including: work ethic, ability, dedication, and attitude.