Community Sesh Night – Indoor Rock Climbing for All Ages!

Community Sesh Night is here!

Midwest Climbing Academy is happy to announce that Community Sesh Nights have returned! Come climb the best lead wall and most unique bouldering layout in the Twin Cities!

Since the Academy is dedicated to training and supporting youth climbers, the majority of climbers in the Midwest don’t have regular access to our facility. With Community Sesh Nights, we open our doors to everyone! Join us every Friday night from 5pm – 10 pm.

Coach Tom on the sandcrawler at CSN!
Coach Tom on the sandcrawler at CSN!

Single entry is $12 or buy a 5-Visit Pass for $50!

Midwest Climbing Academy sets routes and boulders specifically meant to train and test youth climbers working to grow their strength, confidence, and competition readiness. Because some of our youth climbers are competing at a national level, some routes and problems are going to be very difficult. However, since some of our climbers are starting as early as 5 years old, we also have problems and routes that are quite novice.

The point is, no matter your climbing ability, you’ll find something to have fun on at the Academy!

The sky wall!
The sky wall!

Our lead wall is 38′ tall ranging from vertical to 45 degree overhang and we have bouldering walls from slab to quite overhung. The floors have uniform 16″ padding to help keep everyone safe. We have a comfy lounge area and wifi available during your visit.

If it is your first visit to the Academy, save time checking in by sigining your waiver prior to arriving. Fill it out here:

Contact with any questions about Community Sesh Night.


Join us for Community Sesh Night, Friday from 5-10pm. All ages $15 or 5 for $60

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