Spray Wall

This is our 55’+ wide Spray Wall:


What is a spray wall?
A spray wall is a bouldering wall with a high density of random holds placed onto it. Typically they are permanent or permanent.

How do you use it?
Spray walls can be excellent tools for coaching and training, as well as a good place to get creative with movement and have some fun. Because there are so many holds of many different types, spray walls lend themselves nicely to making up boulder problems. This means that you can easily create a few “project” boulders to work on for the next few months for example. Another good use would be to create a few challenge moves for a buddy.

What is the best way to make up boulder problems?
A great start is to download the hold-maps below and start scribbling! Fill in the holds with a marker or the  paint bucket tool. Share the cool stuff you make up by tagging @academy_spray_wall on instagram.

BONUS: Right System Wall by member Jonathan Williams. Thanks homie!