Competition is undoubtedly a big part of the Academy. It is not our prime focus (which is simply building all-around strong youth) but it is there and it is real.

Midwest Climbing Academy strives to encourage healthy and supportive competition. We will be good sports whether we win or lose. While we expect the best from our climbers, the prime objective is not to win. Our objective is the study of the process and ourselves along the way.

Such is life. We win. We lose. Nobody does either all the time. But it is those who study the process and constantly strive to learn and to improve; it is those who end up leading us, it is those individuals who do great things and follow their hearts. It is those people who will make a difference in this world.

Part of our process is competing.

Over the course of a year, climbing competitions are divided into two parts: bouldering competitions (climbing without a rope) and sport climbing competitions (climbing with a rope). Most of these competitions are governed by USA CLIMBING, although some are non-sanctioned, local, community competitions where the emphasis is on fun and a festival-like atmosphere.

Here are two great examples of a top-level, National competition:

If you and your child commit fully to a semester, you should expect to travel to and compete in at least 2 USA Climibing-sanctioned competitions during that semester just to qualify for Regionals (the only 2 requirements for Regionals is to be a USA CLIMBING member and to attend two sanctioned comps that year for the specific season, Bouldering or Sport Climbing). Regionals would then be your 3rd comp. If your student does well enough at Regionals, you qualify for Divisionals, then Nationals.

So, if your child performs well enough, you would attend at least 5 competitions over the course of one semester.

For reference, visit USA Climbing for our Regional schedule.

Please visit USA Climbing Membership, all athletes competing must purchase a membership for the season in order to be eligible for regionals.  Please read through this page entirely and carefully.

TRAVEL: Students and families are expected to schedule and take care of all travel plans and costs. The Academy will NOT transport youth to competitions.

Competitions are so much more than the comp itself. The travel, the hotels, the eating out together, checking out the local sites, being a team in a far off land; all of these things add up to a really great time. We have had so many memorable experiences in strange cities and places. Let’s get together and make some more!

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