The Academy is a “private facility”. What does that mean?

The Midwest Climbing Academy is a private climbing and training facility. This means that we do not host regular open hours and do not provide the option to for non-members to climb unless they come in as the guest of a member.

Why a private facility?

The privacy of our facility allows our members to engage with climbing in an environment that has considerably less variables and distractions than a typical commercial climbing facility. Additionally, our members are able to develop a greater sense of ownership and community. We believe that these factors are hugely important to the outcome of taking on deeply ambitious personal goals.

What is “The A”?

The A is a separate climbing space located at the same location as the Academy. It is a project undertaken with some of the best and most dedicated climbers in the midwest to equip them with a home when they needed it the most.

The Academy is a place of learning. If you want to learn, then you have everything you need to join us. All climbers start somewhere, and we have not forgotten where we have come from. We are simply focused on where we are going, and how we can help you get to where you are going too.

Do I have to be super strong and good at climbing to find a home at the Academy?


Will I become super strong and good at climbing if I find a home at the Academy?